Hello and welcome I’m Alexander
I’m a uk based autistic freelance hobby artist .
I mainly create human / fantasy / animal / DnD artwork as well as some dark/horror themes from time to time ,

I stream games via twitch come check me out !

Commission information

I curently do not have set commission prices at this moment in time , as I tend to open for random slots when I feel the energy to take them on ( as art is a hobby to me ) .
I recommend following my twitter to keep up to date with slot openings !
I’m still open to give quotes any time if people would like to commission outside of my opening but be aware the costs will not be the same as my slot prices !

I will draw

  • Gore / horror / dark themes

  • Nsfw

  • Humanoids

  • Anthro

  • Feral

I won’t draw

  • Hate speech and offensive themes

  • Under age characters doing adult content

  • Feral nsfw