You can catch my commission sale posts
via Twitter + discord server .

Terms Of Service

Be sure to read in full before inquiring for a commission

I will draw

- Anthro
- humanoid
- gore / blood
- 18+ content

I won’t draw

- heavy fetish art
- underage characters
- racist / transphobic / homophobic / offensive themes
- propaganda

What I enjoy drawing

- Unique designs / species
- dragonoids
- slit nosed designs / short muzzle
- gothic / fantasy / dnd / horror themed art
- working with natural tones / muted / dark colour pallet
- busts

What I don’t enjoy drawing

- canines | But will still draw if like the design |
- bright / high saturated / neon coloured designs
- robotic / heavy sci fi / cybernetics / vehicle / technology
- cute or chibi styles
- heavily detailed clothing / items / designs

My Terms when commissioning me

- I WILL NOT start work until fully payed.
- I do not work with time frames / deadlines ! My art can take up to a few months at a time to complete
- I have the right to refuse any commission request.
- once a sketch / lineart is approved I will not make any more edits to the pose / expression / design .
- fully refunds will not be given past the sketch stage
- if you wish to cancel you will get a deducted refund based on how far along work has been done .
- I hold the right to cancel and refund any commission if i feel uncomfortable with working the client .
I will not and will never agree to my art being used as NFT’s and will take legal action if my art is used in this way .